Séminaires 2018

2018-07-23 Séminaire Satoshi Nihonyanagi

Mise en ligne par juillet 6, 2018

Dr. Satoshi Nihonyanagi

Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory, RIKEN, Wako, Japan


Titre : Development of heterodyne-detected vibrational sum frequency generation and elucidation of structure and dynamics of water at interfaces


Date : Lundi 23 juillet 2018, à 12h00.


Lieu : Bâtiment Condorcet, Salle 734, 7e étage, 10 rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet, Université Paris Diderot, campus PRG


Invité par : Stéphanie Devineau, Equipe Réponses Moléculaires et Cellulaires aux Xénobiotiques, en collaboration avec le Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes


Résumé :

Interfaces where two immiscible phases meet is a unique place for various interesting phenomena, such as surface reconstruction, heterogeneous chemical reaction, protein adsorption and so on. To study such interfacial phenomena in molecular details, sum frequency generation is particularly useful as it is intrinsically interface-selective. In the seminar, I will briefly introduce heterodyne-detected vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy, and its extension to time-resoled measurements. Then I will show you a couple of our recent studies: the femtosecond ultrafast dynamics of water at the air/water interface, as well as the water structure at a biocompatible polymer/water interface.