Physiology of Gonadotrope Axis

Head: Joëlle Cohen-Tannoudji (PR UP)

INSERM team U1133


Our team has a long-standing interest in the endocrine regulation of reproduction. Fertility depends on the precise endocrine interplay between the hypothalamus-pituitary complex and the gonads that defines the so-called gonadotrope axis. Our current research focuses on ovarian and pituitary gonadotrope function and takes into account the hormonal dialogue between these two organs at the organism level.In addition to investigating physiological regulation, our research also addresses some pathophysiological situations (polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) being the most common cause of infertility and tumorigenesis) as well as the impact of environmental perturbations (endocrine disrupters, nanoparticles) on reproductive activity.

Research is conducted through an integrative approach ranging from animal and human cell lines to physiological analysis in rat and transgenic mouse models. We employ a wide array of cellular and molecular biology approaches including real-time signaling, protein interactions, and genomic studies (chromatin immunoprecipitation, transcriptomic)

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